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How will PokerKing’s affiliate program work for me?

If you want to become a PokerKing Partner, you will need to have your own website, blog or other network of players and be a PokerKing member (you will need to create account). Once your application (which you can send via the online form is approved, we will provide you with your own personal affiliate page with all the information you need to get started.

This includes banners and links to post on your site or blog for you to refer your visitors. The amount of time you invest in promoting PokerKing is entirely up to you, but, if you want your enterprise to be successful, you may need to devote some time (especially in the beginning) on developing your ‘sales pitch’ and making sure that your audience is the right market for our services.

For every new member you refer to us that qualifies, we will pay you a referral commission as long as that members remains active and spends money on our tables and your contract with PokerKing Partners is valid. The more members you refer, the higher your commission becomes. For more detailed information please check Reward Plans page.

How do I know that I will be ‘credited’ for members I refer to PokerKing?

Once your affiliate application is accepted, you will have access to your own personal referral codes and a range of banners and links for use on your website/blog along with instructions on how to get started with them.

By tracking your personal code which is included in your banners and links, you can monitor every access to the PokerKing site made using the banners and links registered to you.

For any new member who clicks on a banner or link registered to an affiliate, that member is automatically registered as a referral of that specific affiliate and any due commission will be automatically credited.

Which referrals will qualify as active members and earn commission for me?

To qualify as a member for whom you will earn commission, your referred player must make a real money deposit and earn rake equal to 50% of the CPA reward. For example, if you have a standard $100 CPA deal, your referred player must make a real money deposit and earn $50 in rake to become a Qualified Player.

The more players you refer the higher the CPA will be (see reward plan). You can however opt to stay on a lower level of CPA for faster conversion and payout, its all up to your personal preference.

For affiliates that get revenue share deals, all real money depositing players generating rake will be counted into the monthly commission.

How can I collect my money?

Any commission owed to you as a PokerKing Partners affiliate will be credited to your PokerKing account on a monthly basis. Payments are calculated at the beginning of each month, depending on the number of members you have referred and how active those members are, and will be deposited into your account before the 15th of each calendar month.

After that you can cash out your affiliate commission transferred to your PokerKing’s account at any time using more the available transaction methods, including Visa, Neteller, Skrill, EcoPayz, Bitcoin.

How will I be paid?

Affiliate earnings are paid directly to your PokerKing account within 15 days of the end of the month in which payments have been earned. These funds may then be cashed out using all of PokerKing’s regular financial services, such as credit/debit cards, Neteller, Skrill and more (Please check PokerKing’s Payment Methods). Note that you do not need to play at PokerKing in order to open an affiliate account at our site. You need PokerKing’s account only for getting payments from your affiliate account.

What is PokerKing’s policy on mass email marketing and/or public forum marketing?

PokerKing’s top priority in relation to its own services, its dealing with all PokerKing members and the general public is integrity. The practice of mass email marketing, the ‘spamming’ of any public forum or any unsolicited broadcast of any of PokerKing’s services is in direct violation of our own general principles and the conditions which we impose and by which we ourselves are bound.

Any affiliate found to be using practices which are in direct violation of the conditions by which they have agreed to be bound will be subject to immediate remove and exclusion from the affiliate program and any and all commission will be considered forfeit.

In the event of any further (legal) action, PokerKing reserves to right to supply any required information and/or perform any action as deemed necessary under the relevant legislation and/or as demanded by the law or its agents. 

For more detailed information concerning this and other legal questions please check our Terms&Conditions.

If you have any information relating to a potential or suspected abuse by any of our affiliates, please contact PokerKing Partners immediately via email to [email protected].

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